deputy chairman, founder: Mon Bernaerts
head of administration, founder: Emmy Bernaerts-Heylen
head of appraisals and evaluations: Christophe Bernaerts
gallery bernaerts, p.r.: Peter Bernaerts

Due to its strategic location in Europe, its cultural baggage and the multilingualism of its inhabitants, Belgium has an enviable position in the global art trade. Within a stone’s throw of the
Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Auction House Bernaerts acts as a pole of attraction for many national and international art lovers and collectors who are finding their way to the
Southern district of Antwerp. The auction house aims for a total experience by organising events, concerts and special exhibitions on contemporary art.

«A thing of beauty is a joy forever» is one of its creeds. The family business is convinced that in a society in constant and rapid evolution with daily updates in technology, auctioneers Bernaerts continues to cherish the beauty and/or the relevance of a work of art and to respect its value. On the other hand, the circular nature of an auction system is also an environment where the historicity and the uniqueness of a work of art can be explained more in detail. The love of art almost automatically leads to the love of the profession.